VX100 All-in-one complete functionality

Nugens V500/PC-FREE


  • Easily drag screen and zoom-in/out without connecting to PC
  • Picture-in-picture for a document comparison with mini window
  • Freeze screen for image capture and smooth document change
  • Easily annotate, mark and highlight without connecting to PC
  • OCR function to change text inside image into editable text
  • On-board button is able to switch between camera and software easily
  • Split screen for document comparison with even window
  • Mirroring function for versatile screen effect
  • Connect to wireless mouse and operate without connecting to PC
  • Support SD card for image/video storage
  • Able to adjust screen saturation, brightness and contrast etc...
  • Support touch monitor for a intuitive teaching environment
VX100 All-in-one complete functionality

Nugens VX100

All-in-one complete functionality

  • New DSP technology enhanced superior sound quality especially clear with chat tool
  • New duplexing system allows stronger signals stability to flow in both directions simultaneously
  • Switchable between uni-directional and omnidirectional configuration
  • x3 switchable omni-directional mics
  • Easy plug and play / Bluetooth connect (Driver free)

Nugens VC300

3x Optical zoom conference cam

  • Wider angle: 90°-128°, Pan: 0-340°, Tilt ±45°
  • Easier installation, USB plug and play
  • Accuracy at 1.5 - 49ft
  • Clearer 2.1 mega pixel CMOS sensor
  • 3x optical zoom
  • Support ceiling installation and tripod mount
  • Fit in small to medium size of meeting room
  • Infrared remote control (RS-232,RS-422,RS-485)
  • Compatible perfectly with Polycom PVX_8.0, CISCO WebEx and Skype

Nugens MiniPC


  • Convert your TV/Monitor/Projector into Windows PC with HDMI.
  • Windows 10 home.Idea for business、education、entertainment.
  • Slim、Portable、Full PC functionality.
  • Intel inside/eMMC flash.
  • Cool and reliable performance.
  • WiFi/Bluetooth/USB3.0 Easy and High speed connect.
  • Support TF card to expend storage up to 128GB.
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