Please go to setting and adjust the same resolution as the touch monitor resolution.

Please record a video longer than 10 secs to prevent from not loading to SD card.
Video recording will capture both video and audio and saved in the SD card, while Nugens V500 doesn't support audio output port, therefore please side load your video from SD card to your PC for a complete audio and video replay.

Please go to setting and switch the MHz between 50 and 60

Nugens V500 can only read the videos and photos that are captured by itself.
Before live streaming, please set the video source and mic source as Nugens V500

A. If the software you use has a built-in rotation function, you can rotate the screen to the preferred direction. If there is no rotation function in the software, you can manually adjust the V500/V500S’ arm joints, just like the provided image.

  • Step1: Insert “1” as PIN code and select connect with your device.
  • Step2: Insert “1” and press “Enter” with your MK-B100.
  • Step 1: Select “Start” and search for “CMD” (Command), right click, then select “Run as administrator”.
  • Step 2: Insert the commands below on the command field,“net stop wuauserv”
  • Step 3: Open “File Explorer”, find “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution” and delete all the files in this folder.
  • Step 4: Switch back to command windows and insert the commands below,“net start wuauserv“

VX100 Battery Info:

  1. If VX100’s battery is low, the Microphone Switch Button / Battery Button (Rightmost) will blink.
  2. We suggest you charge VX100 about 2-3 hours for full charging, the Battery Button (Rightmost) will not blinking now.
  3. VX100 does not have “Full Charging Indicator Light”, only have “Low Battery Indicator Light”.

VX100 Bluetooth Connection Info:

  1. Long press “Bluetooth Pairing Button” (Leftmost) to pair with device.
  2. After turn OFF VX100, and the next time you turn it ON and using it with the same device that paired before, you only need to press (1 second) the “Bluetooth Pairing Button”, it will auto connect to the device within 10 seconds.
    (If you long press the “Bluetooth Pairing Button” again, you will need to re-pairing it.)

Red indicator light means the Air Mouse is in Infrared Remote-Control Mode, so you cannot use it to control your device as a mouse; Please press “OK” + “Menu” to switch into Air Mouse with Keyboard Mode.

Green indicator light means Air Mouse with Keyboard Mode, please refer to manual for more info.

  1. Please check your antivirus software or Firewall Settings. It may blocking the device or Nugens Visualizer Software or CamSwitcherPreview Software, please allow it to access or authorize it to whitelist.
  2. Please check your Windows Setting à Privacy Settings à Camera à Allow apps to access your camera à Turn it ON
  3. Please unplug the USB and plug back to the USB port, restart PC and try it again.
  • Step 1: Please visit the Download site, download and install Nugens CamSwitcher Software.
  • Step 2: Launch the Nugens CamSwitcher Software and select the “Remote Control” icon.
  • Step 3: *VCM200’s Remote Control* Press the【Menu】button →【Setup】→【Auto Framing】→【Turn ON】